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Guide on Wearing Men 420 T-Shirts
Many men spend time thinking what color of t-shirts will match the pants that they are wearing when they want to go out for different occasions. Many men like to buy a lot of 420 T-Shirts and keep them in their wardrobes. However, they are not sure whether they have any pants that suitable for matching the 420 T-Shirts. They don’t know the best occasion to wear 420 T-Shirts.
Black T-Shirt Adds a Casual Appearance
Black t-shirt is versatile in that it can be worn on formal or informal occasions. You will look good in black t-shirt when you are going for an interview for a job that you are applying. Some bosses like to wear 420 T-Shirts when they are attending a company meeting. Black t-shirt can add a serious look on you so that people will show respect to you.

What are the Best Occasions to Wear 420 T-Shirts
Black t-shirt also look great on a person who wants to go on a date. When you are on a date with someone, you want to wear something that is not too formal and black t-shirt fits in this category. You can match it with simple blue jeans or men pants. If your employer allows you to wear a casual t-shirt to the office, black t-shirt will be the perfect choice. Black t-shirt is also suitable for wearing to a friend’s party for example birthday party.
What Colors of Pants Matches Well with a Black T-Shirt
Black t-shirt does not look good when matched with a white/brown suit. Similarly, you will also want to avoid wearing a white/brown tie along with a black t-shirt. These two colors when matched with black tend to give a too casual appearance to you.
You will look nice on a khaki pants matched with a black t-shirt. When choosing what khaki pants to wear, make sure it is just a light tan color and now a brown color. You can wear black tie and black belt along with the khaki and black t-shirt.
Light gray pants also match well with a black t-shirt. The lighter the gray color of the pant, the more elegant you will look. If you want to wear belt, it is recommended that you choose a black color belt. As for the necktie, it can be a gray striped tie. If you want to look casual, you can wear a pullover sweater over the black t-shirt.
Black pants and red necktie also match well with a black t-shirt. As you can see, black t-shirt is a great asset if you know what color of pants to match along with it. More details in https://www.clothtap.com